Jeff and Linda are both experienced employment law trainers. Both have spoken at numerous seminars and conferences. They have run comprehensive workshops and briefings for employers, HR departments, management staff, and other stakeholder groups.

New Zealand employment law has different implications for different businesses. We can tailor special training sessions or other education solutions to meet your needs.

It is a crucial part of our business to keep up to date with changes to employment law. We provide regular employment law updates / seminars for our clients.

These cover areas such as:

  • Important changes to employment law
  • The potential implications of any significant changes for employers and other stakeholders
  • Implementing best practice in the workplace in the wake of employment law changes

We have trained and worked with a wide variety of businesses in the past. Our in-depth knowledge of all aspects of employment law means that we can deliver training across a large range of different businesses and industries.

To find out more about the education options we offer, or arrange for a training session or workshop, contact us to discuss your needs and find out how we can help. 

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