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If you have recently been involved in a road traffic or other type of incident in Australia and suffered injuries or health damages (physical and/or psychological), and the incident which brought about your injuries was the direct consequence of carelessness or deliberate action by a third party, you could be entitled to financial compensation.  If you think that you qualify according to these criteria you should seek our advice as soon as possible.  Remember, claims have legal time limits relating to them and these vary somewhat from state to state.


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Our New Zealand-based team and Australia-based colleagues have decades of experience helping people who have been injured in Australia through no fault of their own.  Like most lawyers in the industry we generally work on a “No win - no fee” basis and cover any reasonable costs until the case is won.  Australian law governs how much can be charged and all lawyers must provide their clients with a Client Fees Agreement before any work is done to ensure you pay no more than is necessary for the claim to be prepared and argued.


Recent case examples

Motor accident – our Kiwi client went to Sydney on business and was seriously injured as a passenger in a two-car collision.  The driver of the other vehicle was at fault.  Upon return to New Zealand our client was unable to work and advised he would require ongoing medical care.  He assumed that ACC was all he was entitled to.  However, we were able to negotiate a settlement for him to cover in full both his loss of earnings and future medical expenses, along with compensation for the pain and suffering he endured.


Fall in hotel stairway – our Kiwi client was holidaying on the Gold Coast and took the stairs in her hotel when the lights suddenly went out due to an unexpected power cut in the local area.  She slipped in the dark and was injured.  We later found the hotel’s emergency power system had failed to operate as it should have.  In addition to her ACC payments she received compensation from the hotel’s insurers for medical care and pain and suffering.


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